To my Jewish friends, I’m sorry for Labour letting you down over and over again.

by jayneclaire

HeaderNewI haven’t written anything on this blog for quite a while now. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t had much to say but I just haven’t felt like doing so. Been busy running and feeling pretty rubbish about it all.

But then my beloved Labour Party went and opened the door to anti-Semites galore by not expelling Ken Livingstone for life, last night.

So this morning, I am angry.

I went to bed a couple of hours after the ruling was announced having seen vile tweets sent to friends such as the Chair of London Young Labour. Ken Livingstone’s anti-semitic remarks are being excused as “freedom of speech” and “helping pick at the blairite bubble”. By allowing Livingstone to stay in the party these statements are just being accepted as somewhat truthful and fine to say because Labour won’t expel you for it. Which is utterly abysmal and we can’t stand by and let this happen.

Never mind the fact that I don’t think there’s a single Jewish member of Labour this morning that hasn’t probably; a) looked at their membership card and wondered why they should stay in a party so crass and accepting of anti-semitism at the top, and b) not a single one has condoned the comments of Livingstone. Because no matter how much others try and find weak excuses for the man, what he said was racist.

Why is it that at every possible chance Labour has to show that it has zero tolerance on anti-semitism, it chooses to ignore that roll over like a dog and make itself look so weak on it. Jewish Labour were a founding member of Labour and the way in which they are treated now is nothing short of despicable. I can’t convince someone to vote Labour is this is how we treat people. It’s down right wrong of me to want to put Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister when he himself has done nothing (after promising right in front of me to do so) to improve Labour so that Jews feel safe in it. Yet, unsurprisingly he chooses to ignore this. Because his loyalties to Ken are more important.

I’ve seen friends in the party share that over the past 12 hours, they have joined Jewish Labour Movement of which I’m proud to be a member and would encourage anybody who feels strongly that the NCC ruling was not enough, should also consider joining.

And as for our Shadow Attorney General commenting with “showed its ability to look at itself fairly and carefully in the mirror in more difficult times, however painful this might be.” I really don’t think she has any idea of what she is doing, her whitewash of a report was bad enough but this comment is just unbelievable. (She also commented with “I hope people might now revisit my report and remind themselves of better ways to argue about difficult issues without compromising our values of solidarity, tolerance and respect.” No Shami, they won’t. Because it’s made things worse for Jews. Now, Labour don’t comment either way and it’s cowardly.

I can’t bring myself to leave this party because I don’t want to leave it in the hands of those who seek to ruin it through racism and incompetence.

However, I know that I’m going to lose friends over this choice, because by staying I’m almost enabling those such as Livingstone to freely make their comments and receive no backlash.

Tom Watson and the Chief Rabbi are right, we are failing Jewish Communities and we all need to recognise this, sharpish.