“Guest Feminist : Use your vote and don’t divorce Europe”

by jayneclaire

I’ve been a bit quiet on here for a while so I’ve handed the reins to someone who felt they had something to say about the EU Referendum but no safe space to place it. So I stepped in and offered a page. Please be kind to my guest contribution. Thank you.

On Thursday, our country faces a really important vote. A vote which isn’t about who you want to lead our country, whose personality you like the most, or how many people you might want to let in the country each year (although some people might lead you to believe otherwise). It’s about what state we leave the UK in for future generations. From the economy to the environment. To how easy they are able to travel if they wish to or what they want to study at university. If we leave the EU, we’re out for good and there’s no going back.

Total transparency here – I am personally indebted to the EU for so many life experiences, including a school exchange to China and a funding grant which has led me to almost every continent in the past three years. Although yes, I’m a scientist, this wouldn’t have been possible without the EU and the grants they’ve forked out to thousands of people like me and you. Horizon 2020 is an example of one of these programmes, and will run for another 4 years (provided we stay) https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/horizon2020/

I know there is a lot of concern about immigration, the economy, and the legal system (to name a few…), but don’t blame our own country’s problems on the larger system. That is down to how underfunded our services have become under the current government. So many of our employment rights, trade and international relations are strengthened by being a part of this group. Things which both campaigns have failed to highlight throughout the referendum. Maternity leave? EU law. Cheap flights to Spain? Possible through the single market open skies. £250,000 to help put a stop to female genital mutilation (FGM) in the UK? Just one of millions of pounds in EU grants we won’t have if we leave. Please realise that many of the Brexit crew are rich enough that another recession wouldn’t hit them in the way it would hit the average person.

If you don’t know how to vote, make it one to remain. It’s much easier to fix problems from the inside out, and there’ll probably be another opportunity to Brexit. Negotiations have been made between the EU and the UK to strengthen our relationship. Our MEPs that bother to turn up and get the job done are on our side. Just 2% of our legislation has ever been overruled by the EU. Which raises the question that if the EU have the big say over our laws that Vote Leave say they have, why do we even have a Parliament? Because VL lie. We need our government to work alongside the EU. You can’t do that from the outside.

Europe is still a vibrant, diverse and connected community with so much more to offer. For all our sakes, make sure it stays that way.

I don’t feel any less or any more British for being in the EU. I am just a citizen of the world. I didn’t ask to be born here and I don’t have a fundamental right to say who can and can’t be here. We pay tax for services that we do and don’t use. The services that we don’t use personally could be a lifeline to our neighbour. I want to have the EU to rely on to make sure this government can’t keep cutting services. I want them to be able to fund our cities, our town development plans and provide more support to vulnerable people who need it the most. That is what will and does make this country great.


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