For the last time, no I don’t think Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite.

by jayneclaire

Because I’m tired of trying to fit my argument into less than 140 characters over and over again, I think it’s time to write what’s been bothering me for the past few days. I fully understand and expect that very few will share the same viewpoint as me. And I’d like to point out that this is no ‘smear campaign’. I will openly admit to agreeing that Jeremy Corbyn should be on the ballot paper to ‘broaden the debate’. This is simply doing just that. I’d happily ask the same of each of the Labour Leadership candidates, including the Deputy ones.

We cry out for open politics but as soon as anyone expresses concern about something they are accused of starting a hate campaign, called nut cases and in many cases told to join the opposition. I fully agree that politics needs to be reformed and become more inclusive not exclusive. I wouldn’t be bothering if I didn’t think that was an important issue here. Heaven forbid that a young working class woman should air her views. Only to be told to ‘calm down’. by a middle aged man, who as a Councillor, should know better and be able to come up with less of a patronising counter argument. The Labour Party is supposed to a party fighting for equality. Especially for our younger generation. I didn’t want gender to come into this but unfortunately it has done. There are a certain group out there who believe they are the one and only mouthpiece for the party because they have a penis.

As yet, on social media, not once have I been questioned by a woman (this may well change, I know.) and told to ‘calm down’.

Those that wish to call me a nut case should be glad that I am freely engaging passionately in such issues as anti semitism. That I have taken on everything my Labour government provided education has taught me in History lessons. That if we don’t learn from previous attitudes, then history will simply just repeat itself over and over. That if we don’t call out those who spread such hateful messages, then we will never become better as humanity and more specifically as a party. Would those who tell me to pipe down rather I just sat and kept sch tum like a good little housewife. Er, no, I won’t be doing that thanks.

I’ll happily listen to the other side of the argument. Dialogue is key, of course. I am not denying that. But interact with me, with respect. Educate me with persuasion, not sheer nastiness.

So I should probably start to make my point. Should candidates be saying to their supporters that they no longer wish for their vote if the support is from someone racist and/or anti semitic? Without a shred of doubt, they should, in my opinion. If, Jeremy Corbyn is the man of principle that his campaign says he is, then surely he should already be telling those who hold racists and/or anti semites that he no longer wishes for their support and that he won’t want it until they grow up and open their mind.

Thinking this way has been construed, funnily enough by what I consider to be a bias media, to be an attack on Jeremy Corbyn himself. I’ve listened to him talk about his alleged connections with Holocaust deniers (there are people out there that actually say Anne Frank’s diary was fabricated, and no, that’s not just wrapping it in material, sorry) and anti semites. I know he’s not anti semitic. And I’m sick of saying it, to be honest. But how can he accept the support of those that are? If this is a man on the verge of a fresh new political era, then jump straight in and do something very few would dare to do. Tell his racist voters to do one.

As I said before, I’d urge all of the other candidates to do the same. If we’re going to ‘purge’ members then let’s sift out the one’s who have no place in a racism free world.

The next question is, why wouldn’t he do so? Would it be political suicide to do so? I’m sure many would argue yes and therefore it’s never going to happen. So surely that means that their vote is more important to him than their views. A potential leader valuing someone’s support more than their view? That’s not what I want in a leader.

*On a separate note, I also worry about how we support a university system that doesn’t charge any fees. Where does the money come from? Genuine question, that I can’t seem to find the answer to.*