I don’t pretend I’m clever.

by jayneclaire

I’m probably just average. I don’t really know where I’m going with this. There’s just a lot going round in my head today.
I still feel pretty useless. Though I do feel pretty relaxed. Almost careless. But not entirely. I’m still worried about what my life means and where I’m going. Out on the streets with binbags at this rate. Why does it take 3 weeks to send one bloody birth certificate. It’s mine? Print the bugger off and send it to me. Now, please.

I’ve managed to write some fiction pieces and sent a couple off for contests. Just for curiosity. I’m expecting that they won’t win. But no harm in trying, I guess.

I’m partly mad about how the narrative on last nights Welfare Bill has exploded all over my newsfeeds. I’m of the opinion that there’s more to defying the whip (It’s there for a reason, surely?) and that this does need to be fought across the committees and through all those other things in the autumn. Sure, it would be great to just bat back every Bill the Tories put through, sadly that’s just not possible, even with the ‘help’ of the SNP. Surely it’s better to fight each and every amendment because the Tories basically steal what we put through anyway? Like I said, I’m not very clever at this sort of thing but I’m not going to go shouting at anyone within the party who thinks differently. I’ll save that energy up for now. *just saying*. Oh and before anyone labels me saying I’m more to the right of the party or middle of the road, stop. You don’t know me and I’d hate to have to tell you why you shouldn’t put me in a little box to make you feel better about your political stance. Mmmkay?

I’m struggling to carry on reading ‘The Bone Clocks’. It’s very long and wordy. (really not sounding clever here). There’s untranslated french dialogue. I’ve picked at bits and I think that I’ve managed to get the gist of it. I just wish I could reach half way. I feel like I’ve been reading it for weeks. Desperate for it to step up a gear or two.

Onwards and upwards though. And I’ve got my other little political role going on at the moment, too. Which is good.